Image import logic
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Jun 12, 2013
Miroslav Kuco wrote
Good day,

can you tell me exactly what is the product image import logic? At my FTP task queue I can see Source and Target. Also task priority. What is the route of a picture from "www source" to my shop as small default / large default / thickbox default / home default. What option is better - to cache images during import or not to. And final question... what is the exact setting of updating my pictures? I always get or duplicates or no pictures.

Thank you
2 Answers
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Jun 12, 2013
Miroslav Kuco wrote
I can see two or more types of sources...

1. -- my www image source - I understand
2. C:\Users\"MYUSERACC"\AppData\Local\Temp\imgA5D5.jpg -- source from my PC?

Why local\temp\? I had Cache images option off
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Jun 17, 2013
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello Miroslav,

The Store Manager downloads the main image from the URL that is listed in the .csv (downloading from suppliers server or any other place where the image is initially stored).
The image is being downloaded to the local temporary directory "C:\Users\"MYUSERACC"\AppData\Local\Temp\" where the Store Manager creates a resized copies (according to the PrestaShop image types) that should be uploaded to the appropriate path in of the store root directory.

The image path generates basing on the image ID. For example, if the image ID is 76395. Accordingly the image name is 76395.jpg and the main image with its resized copies will be uploaded to the store root directory/img/p/7/6/3/9/5 directory.
The more image types in your PrestaShop back-office: the more tasks in the FTP queue of the Store Manager.

Concerning Cache images option. This option speeds up product management in the Store Manager.
If the option is activated, and you click at the product, then the Store Manger will download its image and save it to the temporary local folder. And the next time you click at the same product, its image will be displayed in 1 second as it is downloaded locally (and the FTP task will not appear in the Queue).
If you disable Cache images option, the Store Manager will download product image every time you click at the product (that takes more time and creates FTP tasks).