SEO integration a MUST just like with Xcart Storemanager

SEO integration a MUST just like with Xcart Storemanager

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Aug 26, 2015
Alberto Voli wrote
NO SEO, Worthless e-commerce site.. PERIOD! Sure you can have a pretty site and you can add products with Storemanager. SO WHAT!

If you can't be found by your customers, you are worthless and you are wasting your time and money! Not sure of other storemanager installs, but with Xcart Storemanager, it integrates with an Xcart Add-in called CDSO...

WooCommerce has an SEO addin as well! It is called YOAST SEO... Both the 'free' and paid versions at at MINIMUM should be integrated with Storemanager for WooCommerce to be worthy of a professional rather than Amateur integration.

Just a MUST, otherwise, why are we adding products? Why are we automating? To do the 'real' work of SEO Optimization on Wordpress? what if we have 100's if not 1000 of products that are already in a database to be imported into Storemanager ( Another MUST - already suggested and I believe planned). Not practical to manually enter all this information. Sure we can create our own integration, but if that is the case why use Storemanager at all?

If WooCommerce is going to be a serious solution, it MUST have SEO integration. If Storemanager for Woocommerce wants to move xcart users to a solution like WooCommerce it MUST make it easy and seamless to move from one platform to another. SEO integration needs to be there in the 'first' version out the door.. NOT months or years later.

Yoast web pages can be found here:

And I think that this is their API

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Aug 27, 2015
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Hello Alberto,
thanks for suggestion.

You are right - It's great to have SEO features which will be supported by Store Manager for WooCommerce.

I know Yoast plugin. It's great.

Well, we have tons of Wordpress plugins -
It's not easy to support all of them just from start.

But your suggestion is reasonable.

One more thing:
We don't want to force customers to migrate from X-Cart to WooCommerce.
It's up to you - what engine and Store Manager to use -
see more here -

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Aug 27, 2015
Alberto Voli wrote
Glad to hear Sergiy!

There are really - TWO SEO platforms that are referred to by other SEO Solutions for Wordpress.. and these are YOAST and ALL in One SEO.. As an example.. I clicked on this one and here is what they state:

It works well with WordPress sites that already have Yoast or All In One SEO.

So really I think you'd hit about 90% of customers by integrating to either OR BOTH. I know that Yoast has an API, but not sure if All In One has one.

I am currently using XCart, and as you know, it has not been given priority to upgrade to the latest version of Xcart and I was suggested to look at alternatives as Xcart is loosing market share.

That is why I was considering an alternative and specifically one that my customers/prospects can find me and Woocommerce appears to meet those qualifications versus a Magento which I believe would be a parallel move and of no inherent value.

But again, the functionality of storemanager for WooCommerce needs to be the same or BETTER than Xcart storemanager before I would consider making the move. And that appears like it will take some time.

In the mean time keeping my fingers crossed that within 3 weeks Xcart Storemanager will be upgrade to be compatible with the latest version of Xcart. Which currently appears to be version 4.7.3 but soon to be 4.7.4 which hopefully again Storemanager will simply work in either version.

Thanks for taking the time to respond
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Aug 28, 2015
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Hello Alberto.
You are right - YOAST is very useful plugin for Wordpress (WooCommerce) SEO, It's very popular.
From my side I'll discuss with our development team about possibility of support such version of Addon.

Before the implementation - we need to add more interesting thing before:
Mass Changer for everything
Variations support
Enhanced Media Gallery support
Wordpress editor support (posts, pages , reviews etc... )
and more ... more - ---

I'm talking about native sections of Wordpress and WooCommerce