Multi-user collaboration
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Jun 06, 2014
gendoor wrote
Hello dear eMagicOne Team!
In the first sorry for my English, I'm Russian :)

I will buy the full version of your product, but I want to know, how can my content-managers work at the same time. In other words, look on the case:
1) our connection type: PHP-MySQL bridge
2) first content-manager edited the name of category, and the second one edited the same property of this category.
3) they clicked at the same time (+-1 sec): Post changes to Web
4) in the result i saw changes from the second user only

Help me to fix up work of my managers, please.
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Jun 09, 2014
Dmytro Grycelyak agent wrote
Hello Gendoor

You see, the identification method used by PrestaShop (itself) and Store Manager is product ID's.
For example, you are modifying products form category A that contains 100 products with ID's from 1 to 100 and your employee is working on the separate PC with category B that contains about 100 products as well and the product ID's of the second category are from 101 to 200.
In this case you can work using bridge connection, it should not bring to the duplication issue and Post Changes to Web process will go successfully.

However in case you create a new product in the category A (which product ID will be 201) and your employee has created a product in category B (it will be created with ID 201 as well), then the Post Changes to Web will not proceed without duplication error.

You can use bridge connection in case you will work alternately (not a the same time). For example you're working with the database from the Store Manager from 11:00 AM to 14:00 PM then Post Changes to Web and the other employee will start working (Get Data from Web is required for the synchronization purpose) at 14:00 PM.
The PHP MySQL Bridge connection has been created for the customers which hosting plan does not allow direct connection through port 3306.

In case there is a need to work with the database from a few PC's at the same time - the best way to do that is a direct MySQL connection.