Easiest way to change attribute values order

Easiest way to change attribute values order

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Jan 22, 2020
Mihailo Mikica Nedeljkovic wrote

I find reordering attribute values very unintuitive. You either have to export it to excel and reorder it there, but then I have a lot of problems with localization, with commas and fullstops in my attribute values names or to change number of order in Store manager.

To be honest currently it's easier to rearrange attribute values in admin panel because i get that sort button which i can drag up or down and rearrange sorting. In Store Manager if we look at 2 attributes with number order of 115 and 116, to swap places of those two, I have to change number of 115 manually to 116, and then 116 to 115 just to swap sort position of those 2. In Admin Panel, I just have to drag 115 one place down and it will get place 116 and automatically 116 will get 115's place.

What is easiest way to do this from Store Manager?
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Jan 23, 2020
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Hello, Mihailo

Currently, you can change the attribute option position right in the " Manage Options" window. The Position column is editable, see attached screenshot

We will also consider adding the drag and drop functionality to improve options position management in the future.
I have submitted feature request here > https://support.emagicone.com/206277-Add-ability-to-drag-and-drop-attribute-options--in-Edit-attribute-data-window-to-change-their-positions- to gather votes and identify this feature popularity.

We would appreciate it if you take your time and leave your vote and comment there.

Have a good day! ;)