Ability to remove default attributes in grid and allow us to save grid columns as views

Ability to remove default attributes in grid and allow us to save grid columns as views

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Jan 04, 2017
Ian Goh wrote
I would like to request a feature to remove default attributes in the grid.
Attributes such as status, visibility, cost, etc.

Sometimes, when you work on a laptop, the screen is very small and you need to remove these attributes temporarily to see other attributes.

Also, after we selected the attributes we want, can you do a feature to save these as a view with our own name.
Say, I want to have a custom view "Costing" that shows MRSP, price, special price, cost, and other desired attributes.
I would have another view named "SEO" that shows META description, URL, etc.

Thank you.
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Jan 05, 2017
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Thanks for a request, Ian!

I'd like to inform you, that this option is available for Store Manager - see the screenshot.
Please click on column settings icon to control what column to show on the Product Grid.
Tick on a checkbox to show the column or remove a checkbox to hide a column.
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Jan 05, 2017
Ian Goh wrote
Hi Sergiy,

Thanks for your reply.

However, can you please let us save the columns as custom views.
And we should have as many view as we want.

Combine with my other post on in-grid editable column, this app will be perfect for quick editing.
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Jan 06, 2017
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Special ticket for this request was created by me. Let's collect your suggestion there - DYP-SXXZC-922
Jan 11, 2017
System wrote

We haven't heard back from you for last 5 days, please confirm that all questions were answered and issues are resolved. In case you haven't received an answer, please check your spam folder or check the status of ticket online at:

Maybe we are waiting for some information from your side? In this case please get back to us.

In case we haven't replied you back or in case of any misunderstanding, please reply to this mail with all details so we could proceed.

If you do not reply us back, the ticket will be automatically closed within 24 hours.

With kind regards,

The eMagicOne Administration Team
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Apr 25, 2017
Ian Goh wrote
Hi Sergiy,

We really need to be able to save a view with specific columns with a name and select whatever view that suits us.

View A (General) : Column Selected: name, url key, sku, image, description
View B (All Price): Column Selected: price, special price, msrp, cost, sku, name

When we are working on a laptop with resolution not so high, it is difficult to see all attributes columns.
We add those that we want to see and remove those we don't want one by one.
With views, we can switch between them easily.

Magento admin already has this feature.

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Apr 28, 2017
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Thanks for specifying your request.
I think this is a good idea!

Let's wait for votes!