Multiple currencies through Magento extension

Multiple currencies through Magento extension

Mar 21, 2016
We are using the extension Advanced Pricing from innoexts ( in our Magento webshop. With this extension you can set prices per currency. And it add's to possibility to set prices per store view.

Is it possible that these fields are connected and be altered in the Store Manager for Magento?

We are not using the Store Manager at the moment, and we really need this feature. Otherwise it will not be that beneficial for us.
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Mar 21, 2016
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Good day!
Store Manager for Magento works with Magento Core logins.
In this case your module will no be visible by Store Manager.

Also, we have special service - Custom development.
But right now. I'm afraid it's not possible to implement such feature in Store Manager.
We have scheduled development plan until Summer 2016.

P.S. Please vote for this feature if you want to speed up the implementation.