POS improvements ( additional discount + comments )

POS improvements ( additional discount + comments )

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Mar 06, 2017
Yura Senkiv wrote
Ability to specify additional discount for order + leave some comments about order in POS

Please vote for the feature if you would like it to be added in future versions.
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Mar 07, 2017
Jimmy wrote
This is very very essential for any POS systems. Once added it would make this POS comparable to other POS in market. Very important step missed. Vast majority of retail sales have some sort of discount from ticket price.
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Mar 07, 2017
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Thanks for your comment, Jimmy. Let's wait for enough votes
Jun 30, 2017
Ajit wrote
I think a line item discount is essential - especially when you have negotiated a larger deal and want them to purchase. For example if the sum of product is $4077 - I could say - let us make it $4000 if you can do it now. And I need to add a line item at the bottom that says Special Discount - or anything I want to call it - and the amount like -$77.

In fact it would be great to have NAME VALUE PAIRS - where the item could be positive or negative.
So I could have
Special Discount -$102
Freight $226.50
White Glove take away packaging $200

And then TOTAL

If we could do that people would not stop buying store manager.
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Jul 03, 2017
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Thanks, Ajit

This is a good example and this option is definitely could be useful

Waiting for votes
Oct 10, 2017
Andreas Krug wrote
This is a essential Feature to run a local shop. it is necessary to give a discount on Position as well as on total.
Furthermore it is necessary to enter a coupon in the POS System because it is running on the webshop database and there is the function already incuded.
Nov 20, 2017
Diego Otero wrote
What happened with this function, any POS system should have. Also, it should be possible to generate a product only for some purchases where the price of the product can be edited. Speaking of local stores, often for some reasons there are products that are not loaded in the online store, and sometimes it is enough that it is vice to generate a product for each product. In other POS systems I have seen that an extra cost can be generated with a description for the purchase. It is essential that these functions are enabled for the proper functioning of a store.
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Jan 15, 2019
Patrick van Putten wrote
Yes, we got the same problem. How could a Point of Sale system could not have any reduction module in it?

We need this..
Jun 03, 2019
Kumaran wrote
Please include the discount and able to change the price of each item. This is important in pos sale.
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Jun 04, 2019
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
thanks for your comment
What as for item's price changing ,it is possible to manually change product price in POS tool ,just use Enter button. Please check short video > https://www.screencast.com/t/GYLhMQXAMQQi
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Jun 22, 2020
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
The possibility to add a discount with a comment in POS is added to the 3.36 Store Manager for Magento software version.