Store Manager Translation Guide

Store Manager Translation Guide


Currently we need you to translate Store Manager Applications into languages other than English. Additional products will be available later (Plugins, Addons, etc).


There are two different translator roles;
  • The supervisor
  • The translator
Anyone can be a translator and contribute to translating Store Manager to new languages. All you have to do is register a translator account:
  1. Select the project:
  2. Register a Crowdin account or login if you already have an account
  3. Choose which language you want to translate, and click on the green "Translate" button
  4. Start to translate, but we do suggest you finish reading this whole guide on how to translate first!
If you wish to be a supervisor you will have the role of controlling how the translation is proceeding, approve and correct errors. You will as a supervisor be the last one to control everything before it gets published. All supervisors needs to be approved by eMagicOne. You can apply to become a supervisor by sending us an email at contact [at]


When you are translating you are going to use a service called Crowdin.

This is how Crowdin looks like. The red box to the left indicates what words and phrases are waiting to be translated. The green dot is telling you if it has already been translated.

The red dot tells you what needs to be translated.

To every word and sentence that needs to be translated Crowdin will show you an example on how this is translated using Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. In the red box in the picture below you can find these suggestions to the word or phrase you are currently translating. Do not fully trust these examples since they in many cases are incorrect. Instead only use them as a guideline.

The red mark shows where you can find the suggestions from Google and Microsoft translator.


This red box indicates the sentence that you are currently translating.

In this red box above you can see what sentence or word you are translating now

When you have found the right translation, type it in the box below. Commit your translation by pressing the button "Commit Translation" down to the right.

This is where you enter the your translation.

After you found the right translation and committed it, here's where you can find it. Or see if other users already have translated this.

NOTE! When you translate words and sentences try to make them match the original text length as good as possible (number of characters). This is so the design on of the application (headlines, etc) can be kept as it is now.


Sometimes when you are translating you are going to encounter words and sentences containing special characters. Please e-mail us at contact [at] with the words so we could tell you if you need to translate them.

When translating words and sentences containing these special characters it's important to always make sure that you don't change any of these characters. 

IMPORTANT NOTE! Pay attention while translating phrases that contains \n for example:


symbol \n means line break and it shouldn't contain any spaces. Translate those phrases wihtout spaces, they should have the same formatting as original phrases after translation.

Here are some additional characters 

Google Translate can convert special symbols with blank, that is wrong:

\n -> \ N%

s -> % s%

d -> % d%

f -> % f

Correct translation:





Do not forget to replace spaces between special symbols!

Please use lowercase for special symbols!








Some words might be lacking a correct translation to your language, if this is the case then leave it with an English translation (press the button Skip).


Once your translation is approved by supervisor (see above), you will be able to download .lng file. Simply download translated .lng file and place it in main application directory (for example:c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\Languages\). Restart Store Manager and switch to the language using Tools -> Application Language. No other actions required to attach a new language.

Important! In case the translation is not applied to the application simply open the .lng file in Notepad, go to File -> Save as and select Type (UTF-8). Once you save the file in the UTF-8 copy it to the main application directory, restart application and check the languages in Tools.


To translate reports use Report Tool that comes with the Store Manager app, it is a kind of WYSIWYG report editor.


We welcome partners to translate Store Manager software into languages other than English.

For translation you can get up to 30% discount to be applied when ordering Store Manager software or purchase any other eMagicOne software.