Sep 23, 2013
Andrea Forlani wrote
HELLO in icecat PRODUCT FEATURE WHY there aren't units of mesure. I see only "kg" but there aren't other mesures such as "mm" for the height for example.

5 Answers
Sep 24, 2013
Maksym Dranivskyi agent wrote
Thank you for your interest.

Actually addon allows to import data that is received from IceCat. Xml file that is received, does not have other measures that kg, so addon does not import them.

Let us know if you have any other quetsions
Sep 29, 2013
Andrea Forlani wrote
Hello , I would get some values ​​in the table of product features as a single value an put it in an attribute field of the product, (for example the weight), is there some way?
Sep 30, 2013
Maksym Dranivskyi agent wrote
Thank you for your interest.

If we understand you correctly, and you mean that you want to import detailed info as attributes values, than you have to create the same attributes (with the same names) that are provided by IceCat at your database. After that you would be able to Import all 'Detailed info' from IceCat as attributes at your store.

Let us know if you have more questions
Jun 01, 2014
Per Holm wrote
Hi, i want to know if you could tell where to find the icecat attribute names that i shall call them when creating the attributes in magento for this to Work ?
Jun 02, 2014
Iren Zakharko agent wrote
Hello Andrea,

The ICEcat Specification name should match with with Attribute Label: