Start up and auto- retrieve data from web

Start up and auto- retrieve data from web

Jun 20, 2017
Bas van Os wrote
We work with two licences, but if the other forgets to "get data from web" and then uploads his changes, all my work is gone!!!
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Jun 21, 2017
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Thanks for your request.

You can set up notifications at Preferences menu so Store Manager will remind to synchronize data ,see screenshot -->

Also, there is Direct connection type which is recommended to use in case you managing the same store from different computers to avoid duplicate errors same as the issue you've faced.
Direct connection synchronizes changes on the fly and does not require pressing Get and Post buttons.

You can find instructions how to set up Direct connection here
or submit a ticket at with your FTP details and store url so we could set up Direct connection for you.

Please do not submit any details here, since it is a public page and all data will be accessible to all our users.
Jun 25, 2017
Bas van Os wrote

I fully understand your answer. But...... (there is always a but :P) ... a reminder is something different then an automated options on start up. A reminder you can forget. A setting is one time adjustment and after that it will be done automatically!

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Jun 26, 2017
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Thanks for the reply, Bas.

Let's wait for votes to make this features implemented.

For now, you can use Direct connection type as its synchronize changes on te fly.