import up-sell eroor
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Oct 30, 2013
Philippe Bach wrote
Product ID [1681]: relation and association
Cross-sells: 4 - added; 0 - updated
Product ID [350]: relation and association
Not found

nothing appears un up-sells product

No errors occured while executing requested operations...
Current database details:
- 13 categories
- 1703 products
- 0 new products
- 835 updated products
- 0 skipped products
- 835 records in source file
Import started: 10/30/2013 8:15:43 PM
Import finished: 10/30/2013 8:15:55 PM
Import settings:
Import File Name - [C:\Users\magento\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\last_downloaded_file.csv]
File charset - [UTF-16]
Delimiter character used to separate fields data - []
Quote string values with - [True]
Quote string - ["]
Delimiter character used to separate categories - [|]
Delimiter character used to separate images in image gallery - [;]
Delimiter character used to separate data in related fields - [,]
Clear Image Gallery - [False]
Import Images - [False]
Import Files - [False]
Store View(s) for import - [Admin, vue par defaut]
Products Identification Method - [Product ID]
FrameRegionalSettings1_DateLongTE=dddd d MMMM yyyy
Import Method - [Modify Only (Only update existing products and do not add new)]
Cache import data (much faster for slow connections) - "False"
Accelerate import by increasing memory usage (requires approx. 1Gb of RAM for 50 000 products) - "True"
Shutdown computer after import complete - "False"
Delete products that are not listed in .csv - "False
1 Answer
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Oct 31, 2013
Mariia Kozbur agent wrote
We need to check the issue from our side. Thus, we need some details from you to try to reproduce the issue and find possible solution.

Can you please send us your request here -
and provide us your import file, import configuration (it can be saved at the last step of import) and your store configuration file (Preferences - Actions - Save current configuration).

We will investigate what can be wrong, reply you back and also post result here for other users who face similar problem.