Co-branding: Store Manager Software

Co-branding: Store Manager Software


  • Maximize your income with little effort
  • Bring up your own brand
  • Use the power of two brands to market the software more effectively
  • Increase your customer loyalty
  • Extend your product line

What is required from you

  • Your logo high resolution (600×600 or higher), PNG/PSD/JPG
  • Exact brand name to be included limited to 50 characters please
  • Website address to put links to
  • Sales for $10 000 at least.

Please send all this information as attachments to

How to start

Please drop us a line at


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does co-branding costs for partner?
It’s free if you qualify, see below. If you don’t qualify – we will require you to purchase 15 licenses before we create co-branded version for you.
2.Are there any requirements to a partner to qualify for co-branding?
Yes, please see the requirements below:


  • You need to be working in appropriate industry(related to shopping cart that you requested) and have 10 customers minimum and be able to provide their websites for screening purposes.
  • You need to be able to put efforts into promoting the software at your end in 30 days from the time when we create co-branded version for you.
    We are open to discussion if you do not satisfy this requirements but willing to put serious efforts into promoting co-branded software.
3. How much time does it take to create co-branded version of the software?
It takes nearly 1-2 calendar days to approve your request and make the co-branded version of Store Manager.
4. How can I actually purchase co-branded software?
The process is exactly same as buying regular version of Store Manager.
You will purchase a license for the software to use. The exception is that you will be offering your co-branded version (.exe file) to your customers, instead of regular one.
5. How can I distribute co-branded software to my customers?
License is required for the software to be used, so you need to purchase a license prior to be able to provide it to your customer. Once you have a license – any lawful practice is applicable, we do not limit you.
6. How support is handled with co-branded software?
eMagicOne handles all technical and other support, there are no requirements to the partner.
You are welcome to use our support as well if you want to provide support yourself.
7. Do you offer RE-branding instead of CO-branding?
No, we don’t offer re-branding for Store Manger software.

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