Direct Database SQL Connection

Direct Database SQL Connection

Apr 29, 2014
Andrew wrote

loving Store Manager for Magento Professional, such a time saver!

I've been using the php bridge and just recently switched over to direct SQL connection, however this appears to be much much slower than using the php bridge method... is this normal or have I configured it incorrectly?

SQL server is remote, my IP address has been whitelisted, testing database connection shows 'successful', but committing changes takes to much longer than when puching changes to web server using php bridge... currently 33 products have taken 12 minutes for simple category changes on only 222 products.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Andrew Cattarin
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Apr 30, 2014
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
You should use bridge connection if you'd like to speed-up operation with huge number of products - in thousand of items. In this case you'd better to choose cached import with bridge.
If you need to do simple operations for some products - it's better to use direct connection.
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