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Related Product Generator

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Sep 25, 2017
Tetiana Romanovska wrote
Need to add the possibility to indicate the category condition (the products of which categories the relations should be generated for) during the creation of the configuration.
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Nov 14, 2017
João Ferreira wrote
Would be fantastic if we could be abble to use the Related Product generator, by selecting the related products by category, not only for the related products, but also for the up-sells and cross-sells.
Simply by selectig witch category we would like to get the data from and assign it to the products for the target category.
Nov 27 (7 months ago)
Yana Kostyk agent wrote
Beside category filter, it would be also efficient to filter those products by attribute.

Please leave your vote and comments if you are interested in such improvements.
Nov 27 (7 months ago)
Mutz Clément wrote

You provide the proof of concept by text explanations, listed in enterprise feature website, shown on vidéos....

BUT, this feature doesn't work, IS unusable !!!!

Unbelievable !!

I have to tell you that i don't understand this situation, because this feature provided and sold in the list of feature for the enterprise version, has been developed with no sense at all, and no goal, till the time, you can filter for category and/or attributes related to products catalog....

Because of, ""it's not"" a new feature, """"it's a fix issue developement""""" !!!

This feature was just a theatre stage decoration and factice feature....

By chat conversation, and mails, i spent the all day yesterday to debug, with you, and my customer to try to get information about this situation; you can understand the situation of my credibility about my customer...

Hope, this will be fix very soon
Nov 27 (7 months ago)
Yana Kostyk agent wrote
Thanks for your comment. Your feedback is very important for us.

We have represented Related product generator with the basic functionality. It allows creating related,cross-sells and up-sell products.
Functionality which we have included in it works correctly, that is why adding more filters is considered as improvements.

We always work on our software enhancement, and base on our customer's feedback needs and ideas.

We are sorry to hear you are frustrated and will do our best to improve our software for you and other customers.
Nov 27 (7 months ago)
Mutz Clément wrote
Thanks for your prompt answer,

In fact, your "Related product generator" is already an advanced (almost very well-done) feature

It's missing "1 thing" . "YES JUST ONE THING" for now : Filtering by category/attributes, base target catalog products.

For now, it does everything that no one wants to....
So it needs a fix, not an improvement, regarding what you said by mail to me.

It applies filtered products to """ALL""" products catalog. (only filtered if needed by price, status or date...if needed)

eg: i have 30 products in my catalog: 10 TV, 10 Bicycles, 10 bells for bicycles,
i need to automatically relate the "bell products", with the "bicycles"
Regardind your automation process, the bell product will be also related to "TV product"
Do you agree with that ?

Also for up-sells, i would be able to upsell a TV, by a better TV, not also by a better [bell for bikes] ; can you understand the silly situation we face with your feature integrated into emagicone for M2 ?

Please fix this issue, yes "ISSUE", as soon as you can.

Thanks very much in advance for your kind consideration of the situation.

By the way, ""we love your product"", and are very involved in the improvement of it.
Nov 28 (7 months ago)
Yana Kostyk agent wrote
Thank you for your comments.
Our development team is considering it.
Dec 12 (7 months ago)
Mutz Clément wrote
Congratulations and many thanks..
You've fixed the point very fast.
We're proud to choose Emagicone !
A must-have solution for Magento.
Dec 12 (7 months ago)
Yana Kostyk agent wrote
Thank you for kind words
We are happy to hear it =)
Feb 15 (5 months ago)
João Ferreira wrote
would be great to be abble to select on the Rule ID also the brand, instead of being able to do so on the condition groups, some stores have several brands on the same categorie.

on the rule ID you can choose 1 category and choose the brand, then on the condition groups can related the same brand from other categories relate the same brand products it, this would make much more sense.