Removing Duplicate Images
Jan 26, 2015
Jason wrote
I've come across several sites that claim you can use the Store Diagnostics tool to identify products with duplicate images, but when I go into Store Diagnostics there are only 4 things that can be searched for: missing product images, images that are not linked to any products, products not assigned to any category, and products without any image.

Is there any way to use Store Manager to locate products with duplicated images?
1 Answer
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Jan 27, 2015
Alexandra Kold agent wrote
Thank you for your interest in our product. In the Store Manager for Magento of Standard and Professional versions are only four types of diagnostics that you have specified above.

Recently, we released the new version Store Manager - Enterprise Edition, where you can find among the ten types of store diagnostics and the one that you are interested in - .

You can find more information about Store Manager for Magento and its features here - .

Do not hesitate to contact us again if any questions occur.