What are the limits of Products Multi Editor. Why won't it edit everything for multiple products?

What are the limits of Products Multi Editor. Why won't it edit everything for multiple products?

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Sep 17, 2013
MXXN wrote

Is there somewhere that I can find what the Multi Editors function will and will not edit across multiple products

What I am running into is that some item fields can be edited but there seems to be fields that, even though you can select "UPDATE" with a check mark will not update

Example, you have multiple items that share the same Short Description and Description. Seems first, you have to select all the items that do not have the desired description first then lastly the item with the desired description to have the correct option to update. Once you select update and confirm...non of the descriptions are added to the sub items.

If you cannot Multi update certain field using the Store Manger then why have the option to update?

Very frustrating when you build a GROUPED PRODUCT with all the necessary information then you try to Multi Edit that info into all the ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS.

I realize you could build the Grouped Product first then Clone it as many times as you need but your screwed if you find out you need to update or change information for all the Associated Products that belong to it.

I realize you can export correct then import changes but that is time consuming and you have to sort thru a busy Excel spreadsheet.

Am I missing something that would let this work the way it seems it was intended? Any suggestions?

Thank you
3 Answers
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Oct 04, 2013
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Thank you for your comment

MultiEditor allows to work with attributes inside one product - there is no way to use values from different product at Expressions. You can copy description from your main product, select few products that need to be updated and simply paste data at MultiEditor:

Also, you can export descriptions to the file, update your file (add same description and short description to the file) and import the file back to your database

Other way to update products based on values from another product is to create SQL statement (here you can specify what values should be used to update based on id).

Waiting to hear from you
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Jun 09, 2014
Jeremy Schechner wrote
Hello Ira,
I am having the same issue with the product multi-editor. I select 20 products and update an attribute, but the multi editor does not edit the value, or only edits 3 products out of 20.

I am a new user and want to continue using the Magento Store manager, but it needs to work as stated in documentation.

Please let me know if you can provide any help?

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Jun 10, 2014
Oksana Semenyuk agent wrote
Hello Jeremy,

Looks like your issue is related to attribute sets that products belongs to. For example if you have 3 products of "Furniture" attribute set and 17 products of "Shoes" attribute set, and you try to update their prices in bulk, products from only one attribute set will be updated. It's a limitation related to very specific internal Magento structure.

In order to update them all we would recommend to filter them by attribute sets and update all products from same attribute set at a time.

In case you have all products from same attribute set, please provide more details on you products and value that you are trying to update. Few screen captures will help us a lot.

Let us know how it goes.