Exporting Products from M1 for M2 Import
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Exporting Products from M1 for M2 Import

Jul 08 (11 months ago)
Thomas Johnsen wrote
I have exported my Product Catalog from my M1 site. In the csv file there are columns with which I'm unfamiliar, particularly the format of the column "Configurable Products (attribute options value) <configurable_attribute_options_value>". The values from the M1 export csv are "xe_color;Ash-Tee;0;0.00;0;0, xe_size;S;0;0.00;0;0". In the Apparel Attributes Set from the M1 site these values come from multiple columns. The columns are "xe_color" and "xe_size". The values are "xe_color = "Ash-Tee" and xe_size = S. I think I can handle this segment, but the ",0,0.00,0,0" segment has me baffled. I surmise the "0.00" is a price of some sort (I use Tier Pricing). The other "0" values are meaningless unless there is a kind Magento Guru with wisdom to impart?
3 Answers
Jul 09 (11 months ago)
Yana Kostyk agent wrote
Thanks for your message,Mark

The column Configurable Products <configurable_attribute_options_value> contains super attribute price settings
The description of string you have got in import file (" xe_size;S;0;0.00;0;0") : "attribute code;attribute value;price type;superattribute price; website ID;store ID"
Note that Magento 2 has the different logic of settings prices for configurable products.In Magento 2 configurable product price is absolutely ignored, only associated items cost is taken into account.So this column is not required for Magento 2 configurable products import

Check out more details in the article below:
How Import Configurable Products to Magento 2 https://www.mag-manager.com/product-information/magento-product-management/how-import-configurable-products-to-magento-2/

Let us know if any help needed.

Jul 11 (11 months ago)
Thomas Johnsen wrote
Thanks you for your help.
Jul 12 (11 months ago)
Yana Kostyk agent wrote
You are always welcome.You can also contact our live chat support to get an answer on your questions and assistance
Chat icon can be found here https://www.mag-manager.com/ ,https://support.emagicone.com/