Price 0,00 for configurable products created with Store Manager for Magento 2.1.5

Price 0,00 for configurable products created with Store Manager for Magento 2.1.5

May 26, 2017
Antonio Tragni wrote
Hello, i have been using your product for a long time now for magento 1.9. Since i deciced to try out Magento 2.1 i wanted to test the latest version of the program too but i got some problems when creating new configurable products. Basically the price showed on the configurable product (before selecting its variants) is 0,00, when instead it should take by default the lowest price from its variants. The only way to fix this is going in the admin panel of magento and save the product manually, then the price correctly shows the lowest of its variants.

I tried using the sample file from your website, also even exporting an already existing configurable product create from magento panel (corretly showing the price), then deleting it, and reimport it with store manager with ALL the possible fields in the file, it still generates the bug showing price at 0,00.

It looks like a problem in the creation of the relations between configurable products, because a similar bug happens when i create a new configurable products with new attributes, in the front end i can't see the attributes selection on the product until i save the attribute set from the admin panel.

Also tried the store manager 3.7.2 (build 1983) provided by your staff but still same problem, is it a knows issue or am i missing something?

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May 26, 2017
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Thanks for your question.

I see you have submitted a ticket to our tech department with this case and as we have checked and replied you, this issue may be caused by the custom template you using on your Magento store.

Please try to use default template and check if this issue remains, as on our side with your files it works correctly and price are shown as it should (lowest price from its variants)

Waiting for your response to our email.
Wish you a nice day!