Posting changes to Web
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Jan 06, 2018
Johnnny wrote

While trying to post changes to web, I receive posting data error: "1217; Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails DROP TABLE IF EXISTS 'catalog_product_entity' "

Any solutions?
1 Answer
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Jan 08, 2018
Yura Senkiv agent wrote
Hello Michal,

Please submit a ticket here and provide us with following details so we could check your error and give you an exact solution.

1) Store Configuration file ( can be saved in Preferences(F12) > Save current configuration

2) Step by step actions you performed before Post data.In case you have run import - Import file and Import configuration file.
( can be saved on the last step of the import: in cfg format )

3) Your Magento Store manager and Magento store versions

Do not post any personal data and files here since this is a public page.

Waiting to hear from you!