Sync Company, Phone Fields & Remove Country Sync

Sync Company, Phone Fields & Remove Country Sync

Feb 22, 2016
Omar wrote
There should be an option to sync the Company field from Prestashop to Quickbooks when making orders.

Another option that will be highly appreciated is having the phone # field copied under the name/company line.

There should also be an option to remove the Country field from the address as most of our orders go in USA and we can manually add the country if it is going internationally. Right now we have to remove the country manually.

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Feb 22, 2016
Omar wrote
Oh I forgot to mention an option to have the email address copied in the billing side in place of country (last line).

Previously when we were using Miva Merchant Sync we were able to customize all the lines which was very helpful.
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Feb 23, 2016
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Thanks for suggestion.
Could you check email? I'll reach you shortly to find out some details.
Thanks for your time, Omar!