Expand the Window Tile feature to allow Customizing the Individual Sections of each Window

Expand the Window Tile feature to allow Customizing the Individual Sections of each Window

Jun 16, 2018
gromexe wrote
I didn't see it in the documentation and I've tried to check the actual interface. It would be very helpful for those organized individuals who like to keep their windows (tools/tiles/etc) all in a neat order. So far we can display multiple windows in one screen and expand or hide certain section within each of those windows, but It would be helpful if we can customize each individual section. For Example, Separating the "Categories" tile within "Categories & Products" window apart from the "Products" tile into two separate views while still maintaining their dependence in-order to function as they normally do. Hiding the image tile under the "Categories" section can be hidden to just a small bar maybe 5px tall, which is okay, but removing the tile completely could be an option especially for those who use custom themes and the categories are assigned images through a different module outside of the Magento core files.

Or, for a much easier feature request (I think), would be to have the ability to drag these windows OUTSIDE of the actual interface window and drag each tool to a separate display. This is actually already possible, but only if the GUI is not maximized (in "Restore" view) and stretched over to the next display monitor which will allow full views of each toolset (Or Maximized across all monitors if the user has a technology installed such as AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA Surround).

Are the skins open-source? Can we create our own skins for the UI? That would be nice too. I haven't looked into this so it might be currently possible.
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Jun 18, 2018
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Thanks for the request, Gromexe!

We've implemented such options for another Store Managers - for example -wooCommerce Store Manager.
See attached screenshot.
Did you mean like this?

To implement Dockable interface we need to rearrange whole Store Manager.
So, it'll be a time-consuming process.

Good news - we are working on MAC version for Magento Store Manager
So this interface will be planned for future versions.

I'm not ready to provide a complete estimate for this implementation, but I want to emphasize, that this option on our To-do list.