POS Improvement - Working discounts

POS Improvement - Working discounts

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Jun 20, 2014
Pablo De La Cruz wrote
Discounts do not work with the current incarnation of the Point of Sale window even if there are clearly labelled input fields for order discount (with a calculator!) and comment. Amounts written there never show up at printouts (discount is always shown as 0.00)

According to eMagicOne support, I quote, "POS does not save information to your database correctly yet - it is shown at Orders section, but at database no. Since report uses values from your database - it does not show discount at report."

Hence two alternatives,
1) remove input fields from the form - so end users stop trying to make them work, and prospective customers are not misleaded into thinking that these actually work,
or 2) implement the missing database queries needed to actually write values to the DB.

In case that 2) would be done, the cherry on top would be ability to choose between discount by percentage or fixed amount :-)

My configuration:
Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition Version:
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Jun 23, 2014
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Hello Pablo,

We will not display discounts in next version of Store Manager, until the feature is added.

Please let us know if you have mor eqeustions