Product Attribute Set Name field - can this be updated via csv file???

Product Attribute Set Name field - can this be updated via csv file???

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Aug 04, 2013
Edmond Shi wrote
One of the reasons I'm thinking about buying Store Manager is its ability to handle update of a product's "Attribute Set Name" field after the product has been created. I've found that I can update it manually from Store Manager, but when I try to update the "Attribute Set Name" by importing updated values from a csv file into Store Manager, it does NOT reflect the changes in Store Manager.

So, my question is, can the product "Attribute Set Name" field be updated via csv file import into Store Manager?

- Ed
1 Answer
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Aug 05, 2013
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Thank you for your interest.

Actually there is no way to change 'Attribute set' during import by importing new values. Import process goes in the following way:
Store Manager checks for the exact attribute at your database during import and if it does not belong to attribute set indicated for the product to be updated, it would be skipped.

For example: if you have the product mobile phone, that is assigned to Attribute set 'Phones', it has amount of attributes added (that are different from attributes in 'Attribute set' 'Routers'). In this case, if you are importing file that contains attributes from "Attribute set' 'Routers', they would be skipped since 'Attribute set' that is assigned to your product (at your database) does not include those attributes.
In case you need to change attributive set for your products, you need to do it manually from Store Manager and after that import values

Please let us know if you have any other questions