"Default expressions" with 'lookup' function in products editor

"Default expressions" with 'lookup' function in products editor

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Mar 14, 2018
Yura Senkiv wrote
Would be nice to make possible to add *default expressions* for all attributes. See screenshot attached.
The expression would have to support a 'lookup' function.Attribute values could automatically be filled based on other attribute values, as products are created.
For example,'weight' attribute, we could configure the default expression to be:

=Lookup(field 'supplier_code1' in table 'mastertable' and return field 'weight')

Therefore, when creating a new product in Store Manager, as soon as the 'supplier_code1' would be entered by the employee, the weight could be automatically filled.
Maybe another customer wants to enter the 'cost' of a product, and have the 'price' automatically calculated based on a formula. When the employee enters the 'cost' value, the 'price' would be automatically filled based on the default expression for price.

Such a feature would make product creation
1) Faster, because less data entered manually
2) More accurate, because less data entered manually

And if default expressions are not configured, then nothing changes and default product editor works in the usual way.

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