Append Attribute names to Product Title when using 'Create Associated Products'

Append Attribute names to Product Title when using 'Create Associated Products'

Jun 15, 2014
Zhen wrote
It was good to see the update appending attribute names to SKUs when using the 'Create Associated Products' process in Store Manager. However it would also be nice to see attributes appended to the Product Titles of Simple Products created using this method also. Currently it simply copies the configurable product titles which leads to duplication of titles.


'Superman T-shirt' is configurable product

Create a Small and Medium or this =

'Superman T-shirt - Small', 'Superman T-shirt - Medium'

instead of all products just being 'Superman T-shirt'

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Jun 16, 2014
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Hello Zhen!
Thanks for suggestion.
Let's wait for customers votes and suggestions.
Right now we have 1 vote for this idea.
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Aug 31, 2014
Philipp Waniek wrote
Magento works the way Zhen is explaining….so it can't be a feature request.
It's a bug, if your software doesn't do it the same way.
And I don't think, that you will need y lot of coding, to do it.

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Sep 01, 2014
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Do not quite agree with you Philipp

Our program is not a mirror image of the Magento Back-end But the special tool with additional capabilities.
A bug - it is the result of a program that leads to failure in this case.
Did you get exception of failure after execution ? I guess no...
Partially Zhen was right - it's better to implement such feature.

I've got a request from Zhen. It's clear for us - According to our Policy, we implement a new features according to the volume of customer votes.
There are a lot of features are implementing right now in development plan. The main idea for us - to sort them and set priority of implementation.