drag and drop product category

drag and drop product category

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May 22 (12 months ago)
FrancescoFrancesco wrote
Hello after drag and drop product into category, the focus back to the first line of the list.
In a long list this is tedious because you have to go back to where you were working on the list.
I would like the focus to return to the line immediately before or after the moved one (like windows explorer to understand)
Than you very much!
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Jun 02 (11 months ago)
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Hello, Francesco

Thank you for submitting a feature request

In the latest version of Store Manager the software keeps the focus on the product that you're pasting.

As we can see, you use the older Store Manager version from our side, so please update to newest and check how it works now

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions
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Jun 13 (11 months ago)
FrancescoFrancesco wrote
It wasn't what I wanted. The focus must return to the list where one was working, the one of origin. However, in case of moving the product, the focus should stay close to where the moved product was. Otherwise you lose track of where you came from. This is very useful when you have categories with thousands of products to arrange. Thank you