Broken Images
Jan 28, 2015
Jason wrote
Whenever I use Store Manager to import images, the images always end up broken. My FTP connection appears to be set up correctly, and when I import them through Magento Admin, the images do appear (but it takes forever that way). Do you know of some common causes for broken images when importing via Store Manager?
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Jan 29, 2015
Ira Kobylianska agent wrote
Hello Jason,

Thank you for your question

Please check the following articles for details how to import images correctly:

If you still have difficulties with import, please submit a ticket at:

and provide us with your store connection configuration (you can save it at Preferences[F12] / Actions / Save current configuration), import configuration (you can save it at the last step of import wizard), .csv file so we could check what caused the issue for you.

Please do not post it here, since this is a public forum and all information would be accessible to all our users.

Let us know how it goes