How to Create License for my Customers Using Reseller Account
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How to Create License for my Customers Using Reseller Account

1. Sign in at using your existing reseller account. If you haven't applied as a reseller yet, please register at:
2. Next thing you should do is to Create Customer. In case the customer is already created, proceed to the next step, otherwise follow the instructions below.
On the homepage find "Create Customer" option to see the following form. Indicate the information that you have about you customer:
Username - Customer's e-mail. It will be used by customer while signing in under his own account, so it is strongly recommended to indicate same name as e-mail.
Password and password confirmation  - Indicate password for the customer's account. It is strongly recommended to inform your customers to change the password right after first login.
e-Mail Address - Customer's e-mail address. It is strongly recommended to specify same address as username to avoid confusion in future.
First and Last Name - required fields for customer's identification.
Click Add at the bottom to create the customer.
Once created, this customer will be assigned to you reseller account. You will be able to see the customer's licenses and create licenses. Also the customer will be able to sign in under his own account to see all registration information his own - for this please send him/her the registration information specified above.
It is strongly recommended to create a separate accounts for new customers (not to assign them to the reseller account) so they will be able to manage their licenses. You will not be able to switch them later as original license keys will be changed
2. Now you can create License(s) for the customer
Click on Create license button on the homepage or find it at the main menu at the top
You will be redirected to the products list that you can resell. Find the product in the list and click on Create license button
Do not forget that you have to create Primary licenses so your customers could use them under their own accounts. Click here to find the difference between Primary and Additional License.
Note: You can create up to 10 Unpaid licenses.
You're one step from license:
Product and product license - the product
User - Now indicate the user that you've just created from the drop-down. In case you cannot see the one you need, you can use the button to create one now.
Quantity - Specify the quantity of licenses to be created for the customer.
Reseller Notes - Specify your internal order ID here to be able to indicate the customer in future.
Customer Paid - Enable the option in case your customer have already paid you for the license. You may keep it unchecked in case you haven't received money yet. You will be able to check it later.
Customer Paid Date - Indicate date here
Customer Details - Indicate any details that may be usefull about the customer. This data is visible for customer, so keep sensitive info in Resellers notes section.
License Type - Indicate if the license is permanent or if you provide a trial license for your customer. Note that trial license will expire in 14 days for all products (30 days for PrestaShop Products)!
Click Create License (s) to see the license key and license details.
3. Find the license in the list
Once created, you will be able to see it in the list on the homepage at:
Now you're done! Your'e welcome to forward details to your customers so they could use them.
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