How to export child products
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Aug 25, 2014
When using the eBay add on to export products, how can I have child products exported?

For example, I have a parent product that is listed as "T-shirt".
When viewing that tshirt product, there is no price associated with it because it is not a salable product.
However, you can then choose the t-shirt options, such as "Extra Large" and "Blue".
The "Extra Large - Blue - T-Shirt" is a child product of the T-shirt product.

In the ebay export, all the the parent items with no price are marked as "Required 'Fixed Price' field is empty or contains invalid data. This is correct for the parent items. However, the child items DO have prices and are able to be sold, but they do no show up in the export list.

How do I export "child" (variant) items?
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Sep 01, 2014
Kateryna Beliukh agent wrote
Thank yo for contacting us.

You can try to select parent product (T-Shirt) and child products directly in the grid and export them to eBay via right mouse click>Addons>export to Ebay. Also you can assign child products with parent to one category and export to eBay. Tomorrow our developers will check if it is possible to create custom SQL, which will select child products automatically and export to eBay.

Let us know if any other questions occur!