General WooCommerce Questions

General WooCommerce Questions

Color attribute

Hi Color attribute is not saved on product record!!! I text the attribute option (even a simple one without | ) and it is not updated on the product record!!! Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Carlos


Hi. After selecting 2 or more products, the Attributes option disappears and it is not possible to bulk add/edit attributes to the selected items? How to solve this? For me Bulk edit attributes on products is a key factor as an option. Kind regards. Carlos Picture attached Thanks for your question! Please note that the feature of mass attribute assignment is not available in the lower grid, so that's why the Attributes section disappears from the list if multiple products are selected. Still, ...

Error #23000Duplicate entry

I keep getting this popup, I can no longer do anything with products using eMagicOne because of it, but I can still do functions at the website level... Hello, In most cases, the duplicated error is related to incorrect records in database* (it may be caused by import or making mass changes). In order to check it, we need to reproduce it from our side, so we need to access your database and steps that were made before it occurred to reproduce it In case the issue occurs on bridge connection, i...

Product import does not replace attributes

Hi, I need to change product categories for a great many products, so the only feasible way is to do this with the export/import functions and make my changes to the product categories in Excel. However, when I import the products back into the Store Manager, I find that the new categories are just being appended to the old categories. In other words, if a product originally belonged to Category A and I want to remap it to Category B, after import it now belongs to Category A -and- Category B....

Only one product updated after bulk import

Hi there, For some reason storemanager doesn't allow me to bulk update products. I didn't work for updating products with images (the FTP part to WP did work?!). And I now tried to update shipping class and again it only update the first product from my import (with over 3000 products). The other import lines are also not in the summary: --- Import results --- 0 data base records were inserted 1 data base records were updated 0 data base records were skipped 0 source rows were skipped ----------...