Permanent License for Zencart Store manager
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Permanent License for Zencart Store manager

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Apr 14, 2014
Jason wrote

I am concerned about your licensing server being down for extended periods (or even for a few hours). I have had licensing problems in the past that were because your server wasn't working properly.

What would it cost to arrange for a permanent license that doesn't require authentication/validation on Zencart Store manager startup?

This is VERY important to me. I need to guarantee that if my shopping cart is working, that I can get at the information regardless of the status of eMagicOne.

Please Please consider this and answer me with reasonable information.

Thank you.
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Apr 14, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Hello Jason.
Could you describe problem ?
You just told us: " I have had licensing problems"
What kind of problems? Please provide error code or text,
Screen shot of problem will be great.
For this purpose you can create support ticket here -
Please provide more details about your problem.
Apr 15, 2014
Jason wrote
Hi Sergiy,

The specific problem occurred several months ago and has been resolved. When Store manager starts it appears that my PC must talk to a licensing server (yours I assume) somewhere on the internet. Something happened with the license server that caused store manager to say that I wasn't licensed.

But the specific reason that this happened is NOT the point. The point IS that I NEED a permanent license that is NOT dependent on connecting EVER to a licensing server.

The reason is that my business is relying on store manager and any downtime (especially downtime that I can't fix locally) in not acceptable.

You may think that this is not important, but unfortunately the political climate in your country concerns me and I need a solution that will exist regardless of issues in Ukraine. I'm sorry to bring this up, but I need to be proactive and manage my risks.

Your company and products are awesome!

Thank you for your consideration

Apr 15, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Hello Jason
Thanks for you comment and support!

Please don't be afraid. Because of 2 reasons.

First of all - is located in western part of Ukraine - see Contacts -

At the second - our License system operates on the international servers which located outside of Ukraine. All the same with Web-sites :-)

At the third - our support team work every working day without interruption. We are working in usual mode right now.
Apr 15, 2014
Jason wrote

thank you for the information about your servers. This helps.

I understand that all of your team is hard working and committed. I can see that in your product and support.

Unfortunately, your business hours and mine don't match always. Not just time zone, but my business week is Thursday thru Tuesday, in fact Sat/Sunday is when I must have 100% access.

I am willing to pay extra for a permanent license or for the ability to get reports, but not change database when license server is down. I know this doesn't happen very often, but I am completely stuck and can lose thousands of dollars when it does happen.

I would like to discuss this and a few other issues privately. Do you have an email that I can use? You already have mine.

Thank you and all of us here in the US are cheering for Ukraine!

Apr 16, 2014
Alex Fedorovych agent wrote
Hello Jason!
I've created private ticket for you.
Please check email.