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Feb 08, 2018
How to bulk update second price (price for shopper group)
Hi I i have one price for end customer and one price for wholesale. Is it possible to bulk update wholesale price? Thanks Hi Miroslav! Thank you for your question! You can update products prices i...
Sep 04, 2017
Image thumbs are not generated when importing images with products
why are the image thumbnails not generated when uploading and choosing to upload images. The main image shows up in back end, but the thumbs are not generated. I am using Virtuemart 3 Do I have to m...
Aug 25, 2017
Import Product Unit not working
When I import all products for the store I'm developing (1171products), all columns import correctly except "Product Unit". No matter what I do, the units are not being imported. The column is mapped...
Feb 14, 2017
Checksums are different Error
Hello When I click on Post Changes to Web, it timesout and gives the following error: Checksums are different Very annoying. Can't work Thank you for contacting us. This is a bug in current versi...
Jan 27, 2017
Way of Shipping and way of Payment
Sorry but with Store Manager for Virtuemart is not possible to set new way of shipping o new way of Payment? Thanks in advance Thank you for your question. Store Manager retrieves all info from Virtu...
Dec 29, 2016
Problem "no price"
I have a problem in price details in attached image but the price for every products exist Tha system display the word "No Price" and I do not understand why... Hello, Giuseppe! Th...
Jun 30, 2016
Need to export a csv with reduced price (product discount)
Hi all, First of all i want export a csv where the endprice is the price with tax (got that fixed) or display the reduced price. The best way would be that only one price is displayed (the normal pric...
Apr 12, 2016
suddenly custom reports stop working...
Thank you for contacting us. We need to check this issue from our side. Please, submit a ticket here: and let us know what custom report are you trying to ...
Dec 05, 2014
Is Store Manager Intergrated to work with VirtueMart 3
Just wondering, I have the trial version right now, and I am extremely interested in your product. I would like to know if Store Manager for VirtueMart is compatible. Your quick response is apprecia...
Nov 20, 2014
PDF Catalogue creator
We are going to be (finally) using the pdf catalog creator to generate the rough layout of our next catalog and was looking for more information on creating fields to pull data from the database. I w...
Oct 21, 2014
CSV imports of products with product parents
Hi guys, Firstly congrats on an excellent system. This really blew us away and is exactly what our client is looking for. I'm currently trying to make sure that it's the perfect solution before we pur...
Aug 29, 2014
Setting Prices in Mass Product Changer
Hello I'm trying to apply a Tax rule to all products within a category. I select all the products, right click and choose "Mass Product Changer" then apply the tax rule (Adding 20% VAT). When I do th...
Jul 21, 2014
I want to export my products using the export wizard. I did as well except the only problem which was that the final price wasn’t in the Selected fields instead of “EXPORD GRID” who it exported that f...
Jul 03, 2014
Provide Custom Reports to all work stations
I have customized the bar code report and want to make it default on all pc's running emagic. do i have to manually customize on each pc or can i copy and paste a file? Also i like to customize furthe...
Jun 18, 2014
Hello, I use emagicOne but I can not find "step_order_level" please help me find if it is there. I must have coz it is important setting for our shop. Thank you for your early reply. Petr Thank you f...
Jan 13, 2014
connection problem
I am using connection wizard & input the ftp information. Test connection is ok but it prompt me [Cannot connection ftp, read timed out] when I clicked Next button to upload bridge file. What I should...
Sep 30, 2013
Help with Conenction Wizard
Hi, the FTP tests ok, but during the upload of the bridge file the following message appears "Cannot connect to FTP server. Read timed out".I am trying to install the demo.
Sep 16, 2013
Mass Product Changer
Is there a way to select products without default pricing and assign them to the wholesale shopper group? It appears that the ability to assign multiple products to a specific shopper group isn't avai...
Jun 14, 2013
how do i copy/paste a field information...
For example copy all short description to description with mass product changer,because i made a mistake importing products