Automated Product Import for PrestaShop

Automated Product Import for PrestaShop

Advanced stock managament

Hi, #1 I plan to buy Automated product import for prestashop. I wonder if it's supporting multiple warehouses? We get feeds from 8-10 suppliers and want to import those stock values into different warehouses in out shop. #2 We have recently start to update our 1,4 shop to 1,6. When I open it up in Storemanagaer I canät change or see the description for any product in the "quick view2 area in the bottom page below the product list. I can see the description and short description if I double click...

Licensing problem

I purchased two profesional licences of store manager but just one of the automated product import module. I was able to register both store manager licences, but I tought I could register the plugin licence into both store manager installation, but now i see i can't. The problem is the automated product import module is now installed and registered in the wrong PC, I'd like to use it on the other one. How could I disable it so I can register it with the other store manager license?

Decimal numbers combines with main numbers without separation

Hello, I have problem - Im importing .xls file with prices in format XXXX,XX and importer dont recognize separation between main and decimal number - result is XXXXXX. Do anyone had this problem before? Thanks for yoru post. Most likely the separator is not correct. Use either dot or comma If the issue remains, please write us with details and import file+ Import configuration file (can be saved on the last step of the import: in cfg format ) at o...

Multiple expressions in one expression ;-)

Hello guys, U dont belive how much Im glad I found this forum exist. I have {0,50}} format as price format in csv so I'm removing { and }} with this expression: REPLACE (REPLACE([CSV_COL(2)], '{' , ''), '}}' , '') Result is of course 0,50. Now I need to construct a expression which: if the value is equal to or less than "x" will multiply this cell "x2" if the value is greater than "x" it will multiply this cell "x1.50" how to manage that problem? Much thanks, Rafal Thanks for your post....

Is there an option to limit import to only one directory in shop

i have a supplier which has seperate xml feeds for product info and price list. for new products i have a hidden directory in my webshop where they are imported on a daily basis. How can i limit when i import a price list, it should only modify prices in this one directory not in the whole shop. Hello Tomi, Import Wizard allows using the SQL expression which will apply the imported product price only if it belongs to a certain category. You may use the following SQL expression applied to Pr...

Bug with automated import in 2.51.0 Build 2143

Since last update, whenever a new category is created from automated import it doesn't have any link rewrite. So the resulting category url is just where xxx is the category id. Please fix it. Hello Giuseppe, Thank you for your reply. The issue has been reproduced on our side and will be fixed in the next version of Store Manager for PrestaShop.

remove the CRLF character

hi, I need to remove the CRLF character from the description field, you have a suggestion thanks best regards Hello Perrone Vincenzo, The CRLF linebreak can be removed, only if it is formatted with the HTML tag <br>. In this case, you may apply the following expression to the imported field REPLACE ([CSV_COL(5)], '<br>', '') Where 5 is a number of the column in the CSV file. Unfortunately it is not a TAG, using ASCII code is not possible? thanks best regards Hello Perrone Vi...

Using SQL in Expression

Hi I have created an additional table in Prestashop's MYSQL database for field mapping during import. And I am trying to write a SQL to do the transformation, I tried the SQL in phpMyAdmin, and it worked fine, but the expression editor insisted there are SQL errors. How can I use SQL in the Expression field for transformation? I have entered this SQL in the Expression for "Category" SELECT nvalue FROM `it_mapping` WHERE mapfield = 'Category' AND ovalue = [CSV_VOL(10)] in which: it_mapping ...

How to import CSV and update without deleting products from other suppliers ?

Hello I have a range of products which comes from different suppliers. One of the suppliers provide me with CSV files so that I can keep my webshop updated. This is a drop-ship supplier. The other products I have is on stock locally at my place. From the drop-ship supplier I got 3 csv files. Category, products, stock That supplier change products quite often so when I get the new list, some of the products I have on my shop is not longer available from my supplier so I want my import session...


Hello, I need to create a product feed, which has the title of the column on 2 lines, and of the category column "the ID" of the main category only and not of the complete path. Can you give me an idea? Best Regards Hello Perrone Vincenzo, Yes, it is possible to export the default category ID only following these steps: 1. Disable "Export full category path" in the Advanced Export options of Import/Export Wizard. 2. Enable "Use ID as a category path" 3. Add the following expression field to...


good morning, when loading the catalog, after about 6 hours of processing everything stopped with the following error "ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS 007DA4A3 IN MODULE PRESTASHOP MANAGER.EXE" I had to restart the PC to unlock the situation. thank you Hello Perrone Vincenzo, Please submit a ticket at so we could request more details from you.


Hi I have a feed of a catalog in ftp format, how can I do it to automate it? ftp: //Atlant...../ thnaks best regards I solved. Thanks Hello Perrone Vincenzo, The import from FTP requires the access details and the certain file name in Import Wizard:


Hello, at the end of an update of the db I received the following error message: #08S01Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes why? what is this error? thanks Perrone Vincenzo, You should try to change the Post Block Size value in the Preferences(F12) of the Store Manager form 512 to 128 KB: then Get Data from Web in order to apply a new chunk size. Then make changes once more and try to Post Changes to Web once more. Hi Volodymyr Demyanov,...


Hello, I find a problem with a csv file when the amount with storemanager, ie the file is truncated on line 2906 instead of the 5000 lines in the file. download the file with Mozilla at this link. thank you Hello Perrone Vincenzo, You have to make sure that "Quote string values with:" option is disabled: The result will be the following: Thank you so much


Hello, in the new version there is no longer the possibility to set to 0 the articles that are not present in the csv file. Hello Perrone Vincenzo, The option is present in the latest version of Store Manager for PrestaShop. Please provide us with the screenshot, where the option is missing. Hello Perrone Vincenzo, We've just reproduced the issue with the missing options and our techs are checking it. Hello Perrone Vincenzo, The Import Wizard has been extended with the additional ident...


When I import the csv files, the EAN code is shorter than 13 characters, when this happens it is because the zeroes (0) are missing at the beginning of the code. There is a possibility to correct Thanks Hello Perrone Vincenzo, Store Manager does not truncate the zeroes from the cells and imports data as it is. Most likely the file has been opened in MS Excel or any other spreadsheet editor before import, which truncated the zeroes. yes, I know, it's not a store manager to cut 0, it's alrea...


Hello to all, after the latest version of Storemanager, I found that when uploading products from csv files, the uploaded categories are not set as default categories. Yours sincerely. this is example when i import product CASE WHEN [CSV_COL(3)] = 'ABBIGLIAMENTO,Abbigliamento Donna,Accessori Uomo Donna' THEN 'Root|Home page|Abbigliamento|Abbigliamento Donna|Accessori Uomo Donna' WHEN [CSV_COL(3)] = 'ABBIGLIAMENTO,Abbigliamento Donna,Intimo Biologico' THEN 'Root|Home page|Abbigliamento|Abbiglia...


Hello to all, Can I export the database without the "HTML" commands contained in the description fields and short description? thank you Hello Vincenzo, Store Manager exports database values as they are and does not strip the HTML from description fields. ok thanks

Export of products is very slow

Hello, when I export products, even just some products and some columns, export is very slow. My catalog is made up of over 200,000 products, now I am extracting 40,000 and after 20 hours is still at 40%. What can I do to speed up speed? Thank you. Hello Perrone. Probably you're using the HTTP Tunnel or Direct database connection, which performance depends on the MySQL connection speed. In this case, you should try to enable "Cache export" option: As an option, you may use Bridge Connect...

Import more then one line in description

HI, How can I make a automatic import with this CSV information available? Product reference number: 1742366 Outcome must be in long description like this: Nr. 1 Show Me A Leader - Alter Bridge - Side1 - Duration 5:05 (etc. etc for the lines below) Nr. 2 The Writing On The Wall - Alter Bridge - Side1 4:28 Nr. 3 The Other Side - Alter Bridge - Side1 5:55 4 My Champion - Alter Bridge 1 4:41 5 Poison In Your Veins - Alter Bridge 1 4:19 6 Cradle To The Grave - Alter Bridge 1 5:41 7 Losing Patience...