Question about importing from xml feed

Question about importing from xml feed

Jun 05, 2017
Ivica Ćosić wrote
I started trial period on Store manager and have one problem with import tool.I am trying to import from xml feed and here is structure for product category:

Hlavní vůně

Dárková sada

Vedlejší vůně

So,category is actually set in parameters and they named it "typ". So in parameters "typ" is name for category and than value is actual category like "darkova sada" which means "gift set" and thats category.

Is there way inn Store manager import tool to set proper reading of parameters because there's 3 of them and only 1 is actual parameter for category?
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Jun 05, 2017
Support Manager agent wrote
Hello Ivica!
Thank you for your question!
Store manager for OpenCart allow to import from XML file in this way:
In order to check your specific case, please send email to and provide us with your XML file.
Thank you!