Image thumbs are not generated when importing images with products

Image thumbs are not generated when importing images with products

Sep 03, 2017
George wrote
why are the image thumbnails not generated when uploading and choosing to upload images. The main image shows up in back end, but the thumbs are not generated. I am using Virtuemart 3

Do I have to manually generate the thumbnails and FTP to site inside of /resized folder?
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Sep 04, 2017
Support Manager agent wrote
Hello George!
Thank you for contacting us!
Our tech engineer would need to check this issue individually to see why image thumbnails are being not generated.
We have sent you an email with some more details!
Thank you!
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Apr 04, 2021
Martin Richta wrote
Did you solve it somehow? I have the same problem! I export the fields "SKU", "Images" and "Has medias".
Everything is imported correctly. Pictures are on ftp. They are visible in the administration. But I don't see them on the web. Just open the product and save it again. After OK, it's OK. Why?
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Apr 05, 2021
Zoryana Motyka agent wrote

Hello Martin Richta,

Thanks for your comment.

I have to inform you that we've closed the project and stopped the development and support for the Store Manager for VirtueMart. At the moment the product is offered as-is, unfortunately, no further work for this project will be done.

Please make sure that you disabled caching extensions as they may hold the changes that were made in the Store Manager.

Just in case, feel free to use the online documentation >

Have a nice day!