QuickBooks Integration for PrestaShop
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QuickBooks Integration for PrestaShop

Jan 03, 2017
Compatible with QB Pro 2017?
Hi, I am about to purchase QB Pro 2017 and need to know if your software is compatible with it? Right now everything is working okay on QB 2013. Thanks Hello Omar, Yes, QuickBooks Integration addon...
Nov 07, 2016
Order import error
I'm getting this on every order we try to import into QB from Prestashop Store Manager Error: Code = 3205; Order ID - "20070"; Message: There was an error when composing an address in "". QuickBooks...
Aug 05, 2014
Reports are not generating for Products and Categories in Quickbooks?
HI All, Actually my requirement is I need to Integrate Prestashop application with Quickbooks. For this I have used eMagic Store Manager. And I have installed the trial version of eMagic Store Manage...
Apr 15, 2014
I keep getting this error message when trying tio upload customer orders
I keep getting this error message when trying tio upload customer orders Error: Code = 3270; Order ID - "5"; Message: Missing posting account. I have attached an image. I guess it is on this page t...
Apr 02, 2014
Welcome to the forum on QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks Integration is Store Manager for PrestaShop addon which allows you to export your PrestaShop products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks and import products from QuickBooks...
Apr 02, 2014
Why do inactive products in QuickBooks appear on front end of store?
Hello, we have several inactive products in QuickBooks that appear available to order on the front end of PrestaShop version, we are running QuickBooks Add-on version I have tracke...
Apr 02, 2014
What settings should I check if my prices are not being updated?
Awesome, I'm just waiting for the new release so we can "sync" our product prices with Quickbooks. This software has already saved us many, many hours of tedious product configuration. Thank you! Wh...