I get know that there is a new version that the one that I have for virtuemart, what are differences than the one that I have

I get know that there is a new version that the one that I have for virtuemart, what are differences than the one that I have

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Nov 09, 2013
Rania wrote
my version is 2.00
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Nov 11, 2013
Kateryna Beliukh agent wrote
Thank you for contacting us.

The latest version of Store Manager for VirtueMart is version

Here you can check what's new in this version:
- New Addon has been added in this Release. PDF Catalog Creator Addon is designed to allow store owners to create catalogs of their products in easy and understandable way. It allows to print catalog immediately or generate a PDF file which could be transferred to your partners, customers etc;
- Now you can assign skin for selected connection. This option can help you easily identify connection by skin design. You don’t need to modify settings for this action. Store Manager will do it automatically. When you change connection, skin will be changed by the program. Thus, you can quickly identify what connection you have according to color of skin;
- VirtueMart Custom Units support has been added to Store Manager. To add new units of measurement, you must firstly add them in backend and duplicate values in Edit window - click on “customize button” to call it;
- Access Management Control has been implemented in current release. With VirtueMart Access Management you can give permissions to manage these or those sections in Store Manager. You can, for example, give permissions to view the information, but not to edit it. This option is very useful if you worry that your personnel could damage your data;
- Now you can copy/paste VirtueMart categories by means of newly-added functionality. You can duplicate categories in a few clicks;
- Pending Data is available in view mode only if you are using PHP bridge connection to database. You can edit pending data, using corresponding option if you’d like;
- The ability to export Shoppers to .csv file has been implemented to Store Manager for VirtueMart. It is possible to use Expressions in the process of data export. Now you can modify data (add, change, replace, logical functions and much more) “on-the-fly” in process of export;
- Amazon Integration Addon (in Beta mode) has been added to this program. This Addon allows you to export VirtueMart products from the store to Amazon;

- Help documentation has been added in the BackUp\Restore window. Now you can easily access help by pressing Help button;
- Enhancement Custom SQL feature has been implemented in this release. Now you can execute SQL queries for VirtueMart products, orders and customers;
- Insert Database Field Value field has been added to Expression editor. Now you can insert necessary field name for SQL queries. All you need is write down SQL command or macros and insert field value by button clicking;
- When you change localization, program will reconnect to database to refresh information;
- Additional information on Addons has been added in Preferences window (Addons Tab). You can purchase certain addon directly from this tab, clicking on the icon;
- Now you can use “Select All” button for Shopper Group field in General Information Tab;
- Now Store Manager does not replace "_" symbol in original picture names;
- It’s possible to copy-paste product by keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste);
- Now you can change product category by means of drag and drop;
- Now you can quickly unlink fields on Assign Fields step of product import. Just select fields to empty and click on the button;

- Previously empty drop-down list opened after program first start. This issue has been fixed in this release;
- Order status was changed, order record was not changed in table order_items. This problem has been resolved in this release of Store Manager;
- The issue with child product adding has been fixed in this release. Now child products are being added properly;
- VarTax representation has been corrected in this release. Now VarTax is displayed properly;

Let us know if any other questions occur!