Import Products Stopped Working

Import Products Stopped Working

Jul 18, 2016
Jon wrote
Hello, I have been using the Open Cart Store Manger for several months to export orders from open cart into QuickBooks, this weekend the QuickBooks add-on stopped working.

When I click on "Begin Session" in the export orders area an info box pops up and sais "It seems QuickBooks is not installed on this computer."

It happens when QuickBooks is open or if I try to begin a session with QuickBooks closed. If I try to access the QWB file while QuickBooks is open is says this file is being used by another program, when I close QuickBooks and try to start session with QB closed the store manager says that "It seems QuickBooks is not installed on this computer."

Windows did do some updates between the time the store manager was working and the time it stopped.

Any suggestions?
1 Answer
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Jul 19, 2016
Support Manager agent wrote
Hello, Jon!

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please contact us via live chat for more details, so that we could investigate the issue.

Thank you!