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Oct 08, 2012
1234 wrote
eMagicOne is really cool.
it can become even better if we can manage product options as well.
My products require size and color as options and i cant find anywhere where to add that to my products using eMagicOne
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Jan 25, 2013
Christian Buckley wrote
OK thats easy, go to any product, edit, choose OPTION, green arrow on the left, add desired option, Type 'S' then choose 'select',then choose your option value: red,blue do the same for size.
eMagicOne is for the time being cutting edge when it comes to database, category and product building, there is nothing out there that comes close. Ive been using it for a week now and i love it, well i love what it will become. There are a few issues with it; not being able to set all images for the product, just the 'Image' for one it also exports to excel with weird characters, although it imports from excel lovely. The fact i cant alter the values from the normal products view and have to go into every product to make changes. once a change has been made i can then alter the corresponding field from the products view.
Bit time consuming really.
I myself would definitely buy this software if i could afford it, but as i cant this sadly will be my last week using it as the initial trial will come to an end.
Back to the opencart UI im afraid.
If anything ive said here helps someone else im glad, maybe you can give me a few pointers on my own site :)
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Jan 28, 2013
Support Manager agent wrote
Dear, Christian

Thank you for your post. We are happy to hear that our software meets your requirements.

You see, as it is beta non-commercial version now, there is no such feature as "Product Option" available. You may set product options via admin panel. In commercial release all these issues will be bug fixed.
Regarding the trial period expiration, please, provide us with your email, so we could extend it for you.

You may submit your ticket here