How to apply as eMagicOne Reseller Step-By-Step Manual for Resellers

How to apply as eMagicOne Reseller Step-By-Step Manual for Resellers

How to apply as eMagicOne Reseller Step-By-Step Manual for Resellers
Follow a few steps and get your 30% discount to start making money. We are especially interested in establishing long-term relationships with power affiliates and resellers.

Step 1

Review the list of products we offer:

Store Managers:
Magento -
Prestashop -
WooCommerce -

Step 2

Make one regular purchase of any product(s) above. After that proceed with submitting the form to get the status of reseller:
Apply as a Reseller -

Please pay attention that resellers who sell our products receive 30% discount on all the products they purchase from us.
Step 3

Start reselling and earning money!

Reselling by means of our license system -

After your registration status will be changed from ordinary user to the reseller, you will be able to create customers and generate license keys on your own under your reseller account, and then send required registration information to your clients. At the end of the month, you will have to pay for all the generated license keys that have been sold by you.

Step 4

Create your potential customers accounts under your account and generate your license keys to be provided for your customers. You can generate up to 10 unpaid license keys for products that you want to resell. Remember that one key can be activated on one computer only! 
You can manage created client accounts and their licenses within your account. You can disable created licenses if they were not sold. You can mark License keys as sold to keep a better tracking of licenses (not to sell same license twice). Also it is recommended to keep your internal order ID in comments section.
Step 5

At the end of the month you need to generate an invoice for making payment for the licenses that you have already resold to your clients with few clicks.
Strong side of this scenario: Discount will be applied automatically. You do not need to pay the cost of each program separately, you can place a bulk order once per month. You can mark your licenses as paid by your customers, not to keep that all in mind. Your customers will have access to their licenses on their own (though they will be assigned to your reseller account), so you will not need to handle downloads or license questions for them.

Weak side of this scenario: You need to add our products at your site or offer them in any other way and once your customer place an order, you need to process it by means of sending all required information and marking it as sold under your reseller account.

Have a look at this example:
You applied as a reseller for Store Manager for PrestaShop. You received 10 licenses. During last month you have sold 5 licenses for Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition to your customers.
At the end of the month you have to pay the bill for the licenses (PayPal, CreditCard)

5 licenses*349 USD - 30%= $1745 - 30% = 1221.5 USD
You earn - 523.5 USD

The above boring information in more friendly way:)