Why Store Manager Price is Higher on Checkout Page?
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Why Store Manager Price is Higher on Checkout Page?

If you buy something at our site and at checkout the price is higher that was on the products page, a few reasons can cause this behaviour.

1) Currency exchange rates

If you pay in other currency than dollars, our payment processor re-calculates the total according to the exchange rates they have. These rates may differ from the ones you expect or that your bank offers.


How it can be solved?

You can pay in dollars and currency exchange will be made with current rates of your bank. To do so, select US dollars as currency at the top of checkout page and price will be the same as at our product page.


2) Taxes applied

At our website prices are displayed excluding tax. When you select the country, our payment processor might add taxes to your order depending on location. Prices at our site are shown excluding VAT. When taxes are applied you will see ‘VAT Incl’ caption above the column with product(s) price.

The “Including VAT” in the cart changed with the new VAT requirements for the EU.



How it can be solved?

If you pay VAT at your country and have VAT ID, you can apply it. For shoppers from Europe please, make sure that your tax number is correct and registered at VIES, verifying via this form - http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatRequest.html

VAT number should be registered for purchased in whole Europe. Your internal VAT ID is not accepted.

The format of VAT number and tax rate depending on country you can check at:


Where to Apply VAT ID to Avoid Paying Taxes?

- For Credit Card Checkout, Bank Transfer (and other payment methods except of PayPal)

If you are planning to checkout with cc, via bank payment or other available means (except of PayPal) you need to input your VAT number under country field, like shown here:

In case VAT ID is applied and it is correct (it does not return you error), the price will be without VAT as soon as you proceed to the next step of checkout.

Important note: After applying VAT ID the price will be not dynamically changed at this page. The total will be again without taxes ONLY after you proceed to the next step of checkout.


- For PayPal Checkout

After you pressed PayPal checkout button, when you get to the confirmation page and see the VAT, you will need to click the "Edit Order" option (or click at 'Are you vat exempt?') and then can enter VAT ID.


Note: Checking our with PayPal all the details you have filled at checkout step (in cart) are being ignored and only those that were inputted after pressing "Checkout with PayPal" button are taken into account.



If you perform all the actions as instructed, you will get the invoice with your inputted VAT number and no taxes charged.


What to Do If Price is Still Higher?

1) Change currency to dollar

2) Verify that you VAT ID can be accepted by our payment system - http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatRequest.html

3) Contact our support via live chat or e-mail - contact@emagicone.com

Alternatively, try to place the purchase at eMagicOne online store if you have problems ordering -



Happy shopping!