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Feb 21 (31 days ago)
Use of Search function
Hello, I have used Storemanager for Magento and when I do a search, I can apply a filter and get my searched products to appear in the "standard" product field where I can do my magic. Now I moved to ...
Sep 27 (5 months ago)
Price calculation is not working during import
While doing my database import I need to increase dealer cost field by 10%. According to the expression editor this is done by creating an expression, [CSV_COL(3)]*1.1 CSV_COL(3) is my dealer cos...
Jul 18 (8 months ago)
Options Export but no Import???????
Ok so I can export the product options from the manager, why can we not import the product options???? Or am I missing something? Thank you for your message. 'Import options' functionality will be...
Jul 20, 2015
Import products
I m trying store manager for 2 weeks but when i try to import a xls file i get : --------------------------- No spreadsheet processor installed. Download and install Microsoft Access Database Engine ...
Feb 20, 2015
POS taxes
Hello, when i'm in pos no taxes are being added to the total. Do i need to do something extra? Hello Kristof, Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately at this time this feature is not available,...
Nov 12, 2014
Images not uploading into correct area
Hello, I am able to upload images through the Images tab in product detail, however they are not uploading where the main image should be uploaded to. In my OpenCart web interface, the main image sh...
Oct 28, 2014
Appcrash notfication on storemanager. after update build 252
Where do i go and get/download an earlier version ? Not available from the license site And do i need to make another payment for getting updates in the future ? I was sure i bought the full progra...
Jul 25, 2014
Copy & Paste
Will you be implementing Copy and Paste of individual and Multiple products in the future. Hello Jonathan. Copy and Paste of individual and Multiple products in our future plans ( Quarter 1 - Quarter...
Jun 26, 2014
POS needs and functions
Hi - I'm wanting to know more about the POS system built into Store Manager for OpenCart. Is there special hardware that needs to be purchased for the POS? Can it integrate with a cash drawer? If s...
Jun 11, 2014
Problem when importing from csv the "date available"..
The products dont let you go into the product page.. Before the date is set to the present date.. But the problem is that in the old products settings in admin The date gets a wrong format.. So whe...
Apr 07, 2014
Lost my MySQL database. OpenCart has current product data, can I restore Opencart?
I have been working on setting up an ecommerce website using Opencart and EmagicOne. Something happened with my webhost and my MySQL database was lost/damaged. I didn't make any backups. My webhost ...
Mar 25, 2014
I cant see new product on front page
Hi Dear, I have a problem. When i start the program, every thing is normal and working. I can add new product and i can see new product on admin panel but i can't see this new product on front page o...
Mar 25, 2014
UPC barcode is limited to 12 digits, while some of my products have 13 digits barcode, how can I enter it through store manager?
UPC barcode is limited to 12 digits, while some of my products have 13 digits barcode, how can I enter it through store manager? I'm importing products through cvs file. Thank you for your questions....
Feb 12, 2014
bulk import categories
Store Manager for OpenCart Documentation 2. Category Management This chapter describes how to manage OpenCart categories either one by one "or in bulk". there is no reference to "or in bulk".in the ...
Feb 07, 2014
Out of memory
Out of memory Thank you for your post. Please, send us your log files. You can find them here: Start/All programs/eMagicOne/Store Manager for OpenCart/Application data/Logs You may submit a ticket h...
Oct 23, 2013
CSV formatting
I'm evaluating Store Manager for Opencart and was trying to export products to CSV so we can manipulate in Excel. However I found that after export, the CSV does not format correctly where data gets a...
Oct 15, 2013
multiple product editing
HelloOn the new update still doesnt have Group multiple options editing.When i select more den 0ne product the options tab is disapparing...
Sep 10, 2013
Not a question but a suggestion
I seem to have a lot of images cued to import it would be good if I could export this list and be able to use a different program to get the images, is this something that could be done for a future r...
Aug 28, 2013
Why does the csv url not get saved
I notice after I load my previous settings some things are not saved, I have to remap columns and re add my functions for the data. I also notice instead of saving the url to my on-line csv file it tr...
Aug 01, 2013
Manage multiple sites in different languages
HiWanted to find out if we can use this product to manage products (inventory, descriptions, images, seo words etc) in specific languages for different websites.e.g.Manage products for a uk site that ...