POS needs and functions
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Jun 25, 2014
L B wrote
Hi -

I'm wanting to know more about the POS system built into Store Manager for OpenCart.

Is there special hardware that needs to be purchased for the POS?
Can it integrate with a cash drawer? If so, which cash drawers?
Can it print receipts? If so, is a special receipt printer required?
Can each cash drawer operator have unique logon?
Can each cash drawer operator balance their individual drawer at end of day?

Any and all additional information about POS capabilities is most appreciated.

1 Answer
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Jun 26, 2014
Kateryna Beliukh agent wrote
Thank you for contacting us.

Store Manager is application for e-commerce, it can not work with cash drawer. There is no need on special hardware to be installed. Store Manager can help you to print invoices.
Unfortunately, there is no possibility to set unique logon for operators. You can use "users and permissions" option and assign it to specific customer and user, check screenshot:
Let us know if any questions occur!