Add The Related Items of One Prodcut to Many Other Products at the same time.

Add The Related Items of One Prodcut to Many Other Products at the same time.

Jan 12, 2017
John Welsh wrote
Our ecommerce store has many products, Most of these have special offers. So for example product A may also have specials offers on products b.c.d.e.f.g.h...etc or up to 50 associated special offers.

Products b,c,d,e,f,g... etc also though appear and can be sold with up to 160 other products like product A as A comes in many variations.

Ideally, we would like to be able to select product A then select all of the related products of Product A and then copy all of the related products of A - that is b,c,d,e,f,g, h, ... etc to many other products like product A at the same time. This is a huge part of our business as special offers constantly change as do the prices on the special offers.
If you need any clarification please see the live website where we do it now or contact me direct.

Best case we would have one template product like product A and all the b,c,d,e,f,g,h specials offers and related item products set up as a template and then copy all of the related items of Product A to all of the other products also like product A so that all main products now contain all the related items of product A as well.
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Jan 13, 2017
Alex Pryshlivskiy agent wrote
Hello, John!
I've created a separate ticket for you - YNU-PVOGN-907
please check a email.
Jan 18, 2017
System wrote

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In case we haven't replied you back or in case of any misunderstanding, please reply to this mail with all details so we could proceed.

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Sep 06, 2017
ماهوت چرم wrote
i believe its the same as
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Sep 07, 2017
Support Manager agent wrote
Thank you for your interest in this feature!
This feature is a bit different as here is akes for copy/paste with right mouse click not for managing via Mass product Changer!
We will keep you updated on both feature requests!
Thank you for your patience!