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Oct 02, 2017
Shane wrote
When you use opencarts multistore it can be hard to keep track of what is in each store.
Something in emagic that you can display one store at a time would not only save a lot of time but give you the tools to make the most out of each store.
A drop down box that would have the options:

Display All (which would be as Emagic is now)
Multi 1 (Actual store names)
Multi 2

Once a specific store is selected in Emagic, then only products, categories, customer groups, pages, manufactures and anything else that can be sorted by store would be displayed in Emagic's interface.
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Oct 03, 2017
Support Manager agent wrote
Hello Shane!

thank you for your feature request!

Please note, the implementation of new features depends on volume of customer votes.

So, please vote for this feature request of you would like to see it in future releases of store manager for Opencart.

Your further comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Thank you!
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May 29, 2019
Daniel Parsons wrote
I'm surprised this isn't already implemented.