Doba Dropshipper Integration for PrestaShop
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Doba Dropshipper Integration for PrestaShop

Sep 01, 2014
Do I need two licenses for Doba Addon if I have two prestashop manager licenses
Hello and thank you for making such a wonderful product. My question is about how I keep having to re-register the programs on the two computers I use. I was wondering why this keeps happening? I p...
Aug 22, 2014
synchronization updating only 0 products
Hello I have purchased two prestashop manager licenses and one doba add on license. I have tried to synchronize my products with doba to update all my quantities however unfortunately it updates 0 pr...
Jul 30, 2012
Welcome to the forum on Doba Dropshipper Integration
Using Doba Dropshipper Integration Addon for PrestaShop you can import products from Doba dropshipper to your store, update and synchronize products prices, quantity and stock status, export orders fr...
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