Co-branding: Reseller Admin Panel

Co-branding: Reseller Admin Panel

Important! Co-branding is available only for active resellers with over 10 000 sales.

Within the co-brading version for Store Managers resellers can use the admin panel.

To get started you need include:

  • a few company logos
  • company website URL
  • company name

All of these values will be used to build the installation packageof Store Manager (Installation Wizard and Store Manager software).

As soon as the co-branding partnership program is activated for you, you will be able to access the co-branding section directly through the admin panel. Simply log in as a a registered reseller and select “Co-Branding”

Select the Store Manager program for the shopping cart you’d like to co-brand.

Enter Company Name and Company URL that will be used to build the installation.
You can optionally enable or disable the display of MangetOne banners and URL.

You can upload your custom images for the construction of various parts of the Installation Wizard (Big installer logo and Small installer logo), or Store Manager software (About window – Splash window , program title and company URL).

After setting all the images, you can start building the installer and the program.
To do this, click “Build” button. After the building process is over, you will receive the Web address for downloading the installer

Please note! Your users will always download the latest version at this permanent web address