Automated Product Import for OpenCart
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Automated Product Import for OpenCart

Sep 24, 2018
How can I import quantity discounts?
I see we can import special prices, but not quantity discounts. Is this correct, because I really need this! Hello Robbie! thank you for your question! Store manager for OpenCart allows to import spec...
Oct 17, 2016
Few vendors automated import
Hi, I can't seem to find an appropriate way to use Automated Product Import with few vendors. Is there any manageable way to synchronize product data base with more than one supplier? Cheers, Piotr H...
Nov 12, 2014
Import attributes from Excel
I can't seem to figure out how to add product attributes from Excel. I have all attributes created and they work correctly when adding through the tool, however it is very time consuming to do it for ...
Jul 26, 2013
Product options
eMagicOne is really can become even better if we can manage product options as well.My products require size and color as options and i cant find anywhere where to add that to my products usin...