How can reseller pay for licenses that were created for his clients?
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How can reseller pay for licenses that were created for his clients?

This option is available for approved resellers only if they have selected the Resellers program that allows to pay via RegNow and create licenses manually. Check the list of programs available at the moment at
Once applied at the end of the month each reseller should pay for the licenses resold to his/her clients.
To do that the a couple steps are required to follow: 

Step 1
Log in at eMagicone’s license system at:
Step 2
Select the tab “Licenses” to see the list of licenses available under your account.
In order to see the list of all licenses you need to pay for, please, use filter by payment status. If the status of license payment is “Pending” means that the license is created and requires payment from the side of reseller.
To check you discount code, open the tab  “Coupon Details”.
Step 3
Select the licenses for which you need to make payment. For that tick the checkboxes placed to the left from license name.
Having selected the appropriate licenses, press “Checkout” button at the bottom of the page.
Please, confirm that you have read terms and conditions of work and confirm that you accept them by clicking the corresponding checkbox in order to start payment process.
Step 4
You will be redirected to software payment center. In the invoice generated for payment, the price of licenses you have to pay for is calculated taking into account your resellers discount (usually it is 30% off the cost of the license). 
Note! You do not need to enter any discount codes! They are calculated automatically, so you get final price to pay for the licenses.
Once the payment is processed successfully, the status of your licenses will be changed to “Paid” automatically.

Important: Initially generated license keys at will remain unchanged, so you do not need to provide updated keys to your customers. Do not make any changes to paid keys!
You can also have a look at the list of invoices generated, but for which payment has not been made yet.
You can do it if you click Licenses Payment (1) tab, where (1) is the number of invoices ready for payment.
It is also possible to print invoices, save them as  PDF, or delete them.