import detailed info (features) of product as attributes values

import detailed info (features) of product as attributes values

Dec 02, 2015
Sergey wrote
Some products have features - additional product parameters e.g. product Notebook has such features as "Processor Model", "Graphics Adapter" and others.

I want get some values in the table of product features as a single value to put it in an attribute field of the product as attributes values.

Now all Features importing in "Description" Tab as table of product features

Example of notebook Features:
Processor frequency 1,8 ГГц
Processor family AMD A

I created group of attribute "Processor" with attributes "Processor frequency, Processor family" at my OpenCart database.
Same names, which are provided by IceCat,
After that assigned them to Product (HP Probook 455).

Open ICEcat Addon
Import 'Detailed info' of Product(HP Probook 455).

However, nothing get in attributes field

OpenCart Version (trs.
Store Manager 1.13.0 (Build 285)